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Providing balanced, sustainable, advice on wireless systems. Our expert’s deep knowledge and experience help you to choose the very best wireless journey.

From wireless spectrum to infrastructure, we help you make the right strategic decisions for your business. These insights are unique in the industry, bringing skillsets from regulatory policy, and techno-economics.

We offer honest, reliable advice, by separating the hype from the real world. Identifying advantages, assessing the challenges, highlighting the commercial opportunities, and creating solutions that last for future generations.

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We pride ourselves on working in partnership with clients to share our wide range of experience and knowledge of the wireless industry. Find out more about the topics we cover:

National 6G Radio Systems Facility launch event

University of Sheffield launches National 6G Radio Systems Facility

This month, the University of Sheffield launched its National 6G Radio Systems Facility providing a unique experimental platform for empirical…

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Telecom research

Bringing telecom research to life

Many people are impressed with the work we do in the research sphere, which we regularly highlight on our website…

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Spectrum sharing sandbox project

Spectrum sharing: the way ahead for wireless

A spectrum-sharing sandbox project may seem like an esoteric concept. It isn’t.  Without the efficient use of spectrum, the great…

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