The built environment is complex and more demanding than ever. Navigating the choice in connectivity solutions with regulatory requirements and ESG obligations can be tricky to ensure the best outcome is achieved. That’s where Real Wireless can help.

Real Wireless has over 17 years of experience with an array of wireless services and technologies for both operational and visitor needs in buildings such as offices, stadia, airports, stations, and shopping malls.

Office buildings

Commercial real estate

Commercial properties need reliable connectivity to attract and retain tenants, companies, visitors, and customers. We help owners or managers of commercial property select the appropriate connectivity infrastructure to future-proof their investments.

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Public buildings

Robust and resilient communications infrastructure is essential but will depend on many factors unique to your building, location, and purpose. Your connectivity plans and decisions need to be cost-effective, fit-for-purpose, and future-proofed.

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Large football stadium


Stadiums and other venues where people gather in large numbers for a short period of time can put huge pressure on wireless infrastructure as connectivity demands soar. We consider everything from design, vendor choice, maintenance and operation of all wireless solutions deployed within a venue and its perimeter.

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London tube station

Transport hubs

Wireless infrastructure that provides reliable and fast connectivity enhances travel, from improved operational communications to better transport and traffic management, to smart parking and improved commuter flow.

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Benefits of working with Real Wireless:

  • Solutions to fit your business needs
  • Independent advice to give the most appropriate and cost-effective solution in your timescales
  • Selection from a range of technical, financial and operational models
  • Twenty plus years’ experience of deployment in hundreds of buildings and providing advice to iconic venues and enterprises
  • Trusted by Ofcom to advise on in-building solutions market technology and to conduct coverage tests
  • Independent of any operator or technology vendor

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The UK Private Cellular Networks Market

This report aims to introduce the UK’s private cellular networks market landscape to prospective end-users and buyers. The report makes no policy recommendations, but rather defines key terms, outlines benefits, opportunities, challenges and key technologies and introduces some prospective suppliers and representative examples from the UK.

Better mobile services for your building

Property owners and tenants who are looking at ways of improving the mobile service in their building may be wondering where to start. Certainly the end result will differ according to the building, but, whether yours is an airport, an enterprise office, a shopping centre or a museum, some considerations apply to all buildings – and the most urgent consideration is to get unbiased, expert advice. And our new Guide is a great place to start.


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