• How to evaluate operational and socio-economic benefits of connectivity infrastructure and service investments
  • How can costly new spectrum be amortised across my diverse network assets – from dispersed rural locations, to dense urban areas?
  • How do governments assess the impact of spectrum policy, deployment and competition regulation? How do they develop policy while plotting a path between current needs and future demand?

Our offer

  • Real Wireless economists and business experts evaluate choices and make business-changing recommendations: even advising you not to go ahead if it's unfeasible
  • We help networks acquire new spectrum, and make independent assessments using tried and tested economic modelling to evaluate the revenue potential
  • Vendor neutral and technology agnostic Real Wireless experts will guide you through the selection process and evaluate a financially workable solution for your needs

Understanding where and how to invest in the network can be tricky

With pressures from shifts in consumer demand and the technology landscape or even from within your business or your investors knowing how best to invest can be complex.

Mobile network operators, regulators, enterprise users – all have difficult decisions to make when it comes to upgrading, expanding or even building an entirely new network.

Pressures to achieve wider coverage need to be carefully balanced against costs, regulations, and changes in technology options which can either simplify or complicate decision making.

Real Wireless economists and spectrum specialists are experienced in helping networks acquire spectrum, helping regulators model the potential business case, or assisting venues or enterprises with cost-benefit business case analyses on their options.

What we offer

  • Economic modelling: Real Wireless economists together with technology experts are able to present the options and extrapolate based on potential economic and technological scenarios. We help you make educated decisions.
  • Independent of any third party: Real Wireless advice comes from decades of experience. We work with regulators, with the wireless industry, with users, and are uniquely experienced and positioned to help you plan for what suits your business. Without bias.
  • We know and help build the wireless technologies: Our economic modelling is supporting by decades of hands on experience designing and building the networks. We understand the risks, and we have insights into changes in regulations and technological developments.
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Mark Keenan, CEng MIStructE MIET


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Becky Stuttard, BA MSc

Economic and Business Strategy Advisor

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David Mack-Smith, MA

Business Case and Policy Expert

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Ian Miller, MEng CEng FIET

Wireless Networks and Technologies Advisor

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Phil Sheppard, MSc

Technology Expert

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Richard Thanki, MA (Oxon)

Economic Advisor

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Sameer Lalwani, MSEE MBA

Wireless Telecoms Expert

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