• How do we assess the viability of technology options, or the feasibility of major infrastructure investment decisions which will affect our bottom line?
  • Changes in spectrum policy, user trends, technical challenges in evolving technologies can all affect the commercial realities of your decisions
  • Are we making the right decisions, in the face of rapidly evolving competitive and technological landscapes?

Our offer

  • Strategic insights into the changes affecting your business and in the opportunities presented by network technologies
  • A team of experts that confidently guide your commercial strategy based on decades of experience
  • Our team regularly supports governments, network operators, equipment vendors and big businesses, enabling them to make difficult but strategically important decisions on networks, spectrum, M&A, technology or infrastructure choices

Governments, networks, vendors or business, all need to remain commercially competitive; take the right steps at the right time

How do vendors choose to invest in developing support for appropriate network architectures? When should a network make spectrum investments, or decide on the appropriate devices to support? When is the right time to migrate to cloud-based architecture, or to deploy a private network. How does the Government decide on its rural network strategy? How will our decisions and investments affect our business, and our competitive positioning in the market, locally and globally?

What we offer

  • Wireless strategists: Senior experienced industry professionals from all parts of the wireless value-chain. Economists, network planners, spectrum specialists. We have decades of experience guiding the biggest businesses and governments on their strategic decisions.
  • Track record of commercial success: Based on our strategic insights, world-leading mobile networks made spectrum and technology investments; complex businesses have deployed private networks; governments seek our insights into their rural network strategy.
  • More than advisors: The breadth and depth of our team of experts means that we advise with experience, but give you confidence that we can deliver results for your bottom line.
Mark Keenan profile image

Mark Keenan, CEng MIStructE MIET

Chief Executive Officer

Simon Fletcher profile image

Simon Fletcher, MEng MBA MIoD MIET

Chief Technology Officer

Oliver Bosshard profile image

Oliver Bosshard, MSc MBA MIET

Chief Operating Officer

John Okas profile image

John Okas, BSc ACGI DMS

Chief Commercial Officer

Julie Bradford profile image

Julie Bradford, MEng CEng MIET

Managing Consultant

Dr. Abhaya Sumanasena profile image

Dr. Abhaya Sumanasena, PhD CEng SMIEEE MIET

Managing Consultant

Scott Kelton profile image

Scott Kelton, MEng PRINCE2

Principal Consultant – Radio Networks

Stuart Mitchell profile image

Stuart Mitchell, BEng PhD MBA MIET

Techno-Economic & Business Strategy Expert

Ade Ajibulu profile image

Ade Ajibulu, MA MPhil

Economic and Regulatory Advisor

Becky Stuttard profile image

Becky Stuttard, BA MSc

Economic and Business Strategy Advisor

Caroline Gabriel profile image

Caroline Gabriel, MA

Market Research and Telecoms Industry Analyst

David Mack-Smith profile image

David Mack-Smith, MA

Business Case and Policy Expert

Dejan Bojic profile image

Dejan Bojic, BEng MRes MBA

Digital Infrastructure & Services Expert

Elaine French profile image

Elaine French, MRICS Dip Arch

Commercial Property Expert

Gary Stuart profile image

Gary Stuart, CEng FIET

Mobile Network Deployment Expert

Giacomo Bruzzi profile image

Giacomo Bruzzi, MD

Fixed and Wireless Telecoms Expert

Greg Bensberg profile image

Greg Bensberg, CEng FIET

Wireless Expert

Iain Sharp profile image

Iain Sharp, MA CEng MIET

Wireless Core Network Expert

Ian Miller profile image

Ian Miller, MEng CEng FIET

Wireless Networks and Technologies Advisor

John Beckwith profile image

John Beckwith, MEng

OSS and BSS Expert

John Raw profile image

John Raw, BSC MIET CEng

OSS and BSS Expert

Julian McGougan profile image

Julian McGougan,

Technology and Policy Expert

Konstantinos Tsourkas profile image

Konstantinos Tsourkas, BEng MSc

Wireless Technology Strategist

Mike Goddard profile image

Mike Goddard, OBE BSc CEng FIET

International Spectrum Policy Advisor

Phil Sheppard profile image

Phil Sheppard, MSc

Technology Expert

Rupert Baines profile image

Rupert Baines, BSEE MBA FIET

Technology Strategy & Marketing Advisor

Prof. Simon Saunders profile image

Prof. Simon Saunders, PhD CEng FREng FIET FITP

Wireless Systems Expert, Co-Founder and Shareholder

Dr William Webb profile image

Dr William Webb, BEng, MBA, PhD, DSc, DTech, CEng, FREng FIET, FIEEE

Wireless Expert

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