• Operator decisions to optimise the convergence of Wi-Fi, 5G, or even moving to 6G can be complex and tricky to navigate
  • Interoperability, interferences, packet loss, environmental hurdles - risks of mixing and matching
  • How to plan for the complexity of managing multiple networks, equipment vendors and network providers

Our offer

  • Vendor and technology agnostic, Real Wireless help you make the best decision for the business, including sourcing the ideal converged solution to meet your needs
  • Our experts have decades of in-depth experience and cover all of the technology options: to combine legacy and emerging technologies, to provide the best solution and to predict and prevent risks associated with converged networks
  • We build a converged business case: our analysts and technology specialists audit your requirements and present a solution that meets your needs and presents the cost-benefits to suit your business - or will advise otherwise when it's not the best solution

Proactive business planning and skilful implementation is needed tackle complexities in the converged network model, and to avoid the technology pitfalls.

5G is rolling out, Wi-Fi 6 is building prominence, 6G is already being discussed. If your network is using these and other technologies, you want to ensure seamless experience for your users.

You also need to ensure the heterogeneous (consisting of multiple technologies) network can be managed and controlled as one, and that requires careful planning to guarantee a single quality-of-service.

Wireless technologies are notorious for fighting for space, and, when combining multiple wireless standards, it is crucial to be aware of the possible user case and environmental scenarios for possible interference and interoperability issues.

What we offer

  • Technology insights: Experienced network planners, scientists and business planners with the knowledge to handle legacy and current network technologies. Our experts will tell you what will work, and what will not!
  • Independence: Our experts have hands-on experience of all network technologies, but we are technology-agnostic and vendor-neutral, enabling us to recommend and implement converged network solutions that benefit your business and your users.
  • Modelling what comes next: Supporting 4G today, migrating to 5G and preparing for supporting Wi-Fi 6 and 6G? Having a strategic network plan means staying aware of network evolution: when planning a heterogeneous network combining multiple technologies, a need for modelling is key. Real Wireless uses its proprietary planning tools, supported by decades of hands-on scientific and network expertise to present you with a plan to suit your needs tomorrow as well as today.

Mark Keenan, CEng MIStructE MIET

Chief Executive Officer

Simon Fletcher, MEng MBA MIoD MIET

Chief Technology Officer

Oliver Bosshard, MSc MBA MIET

Chief Operating Officer

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