• Under-performing networks not only reduce profits and eat into network support resources, they damage corporate reputations and undermine business efficiencies
  • Locating the source of issues within increasingly complex networks can be tricky, as can understanding the pros and cons of cloud based optimisation. Is the problem hardware or software, or even a supplier issue?
  • Should we rely on vendor-specific optimisation tools, and how can we be sure they're suitable for our network?

Our offer

  • Good optimisation combines the right tools with the experience and skills to use them. We offer decades of implementing and fine-tuning networks from operators to large scale private networks and from small enterprise applications to vast industrial complexes
  • We present you with an unbiased, vendor-independent perspective based on significant experience in how to improve your network performance - making sure you're not throwing good money after bad
  • You choose how much help you need: we can analyse the network and recommend the optimisation tools, or we can continue to monitor and manage your network performance on an on-going basis

Effective optimisation is enabled by the right tools, and the skills to analyse the data and make the necessary changes to the network configuration and controls.

Bandwith problems. Jitter. Interference affecting Wi-Fi performance. These and many other network issues affect user confidence in the systems, and left unresolved they ultimately affect the ability of the business itself to deliver a reliable service.

A fully-optimised network offers guaranteed QoS (quality of service), robust security, improved traffic management, it also ensures the network keeps spending under control.

At Real Wireless, our network planning experts and scientists know the network optimisation tools and have the skills and experience to derive full information to show you the most cost-efficient and effective route to improve network performance, without tying you to specific vendor tools.

Our team of qualified technologists can also help augment your existing network and implement appropriate optimisation techniques to ensure service quality is maintained or improved.


What we offer

  • Good workmen don't have to blame the tools: At Real Wireless, our team of experienced wireless technologist, network planning experts and even scientists understand the areas for potential optimisation. Good optimisation tools can speed decision making and help to identify and quantify the problems quickly, but deep-technical skills and decades of wireless design and planning experience empower our network and enterprise clients to make the right decisions.
  • Understanding is key to an optimised network: Real Wireless experts have seen any performance issue that may be affecting your network. They know the solutions and they can make recommendations based not only on science, but on decades of hands-on experience. Expert insights enable you to interpret the data from network optimisation tools, to ensure your response is appropriate, cost-effective and forward-looking.
  • Optimisation is business: We support our clients' optimisation but we also focus on how network performance can help, or affect, our clients' businesses. When our experts help to optimise your network, our recommendations are based on building you a stronger business, cost-effectively.

Mark Keenan, CEng MIStructE MIET

Chief Executive Officer

Simon Fletcher, MEng MBA MIoD MIET

Chief Technology Officer

Oliver Bosshard, MSc MBA MIET

Chief Operating Officer

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