• 5G will enable improved approaches to outdoor and indoor coverage, plus new opportunities such as IoT, private networks and broadband but multiple opportunities and multiple strategies exist
  • High end-user expectations for ubiquitous, high-quality, high-throughput mobile services
  • Rollout costs versus revenue and coverage requirements: profits are no longer guaranteed

Our offer

  • Network planning and business modelling to make your network cost-effective
  • Research that accurately forecasts demand and suggests appropriate business and planning models
  • Tested, proven and evolving planning tools and strategies

As 5G comes to market, careful network planning is essential.

Add business modelling and networks can be made cost-effective. Predictive models and network planning tools will need to step up; they need to ensure networks are built to adapt and that they meet mandated coverage requirements – while guaranteeing a return on investment.

Much of the 5G-related excitement is about the services it can enable. Network planning is an area that might receive less of a focus than it should – but not from Real Wireless. This is one of our specialities. Our research, development and application work in recent years has included – to name only a few – coverage, network performance, interference assessment, antenna location, interference between indoor and outdoor systems, throughput variation within buildings, localised demand, and network dimensioning. If these are not correctly managed, services will either not be optimised or not be profitable.

What we offer

  • Network planning: We have a justified reputation for high-quality network planning, based on dedicated tools that we are continuing to evolve and adapt. At a time when factors like densification, regulation, demand and competition are threatening to impose a choice of cost or quality on operators, we can prove that compromise is not necessary.
  • Insight: Making the most of enhanced mobile broadband, massive internet of things, optimised services, network slicing and other potential sources of revenue will require not just network planning but accurate market projections. For us, the two go hand in hand.
  • Independence: Helping to build and cost networks will be a critical part of delivering on the promise of 5G-led services and many vendors will be vying for your attention. We will help you choose. We offer an independent and unbiased service that is tailored to your needs and budget.
Simon Fletcher profile image

Simon Fletcher, MEng MBA MIoD MIET

Chief Technology Officer

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Oliver Bosshard, MSc MBA MIET

Chief Operating Officer

Julie Bradford profile image

Julie Bradford, MEng CEng MIET

Managing Consultant

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Dr. Abhaya Sumanasena, PhD CEng SMIEEE MIET

Managing Consultant

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Dr. Anastasios Karousos, MSc PhD MIET

Managing Consultant

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Dr. Hassan Osman, MSc PhD

Wireless Technology Consultant

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Stuart Mitchell, BEng PhD MBA MIET

Techno-Economic & Business Strategy Expert

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Dr. Alejandro Aragón-Zavala, MSc PhD SMIEEE MIET

Wireless Technology Expert

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Damian Bevan, MEng CEng

Wireless System Analyst

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Giacomo Bruzzi, MD

Fixed and Wireless Telecoms Expert

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Iain Sharp, MA CEng MIET

Wireless Core Network Expert

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Ian Miller, MEng CEng FIET

Wireless Networks and Technologies Advisor

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John Beckwith, MEng

OSS and BSS Expert

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John Raw, BSC MIET CEng

OSS and BSS Expert

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Julius Robson, BEng MSc

Wireless Technology Expert

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Konstantinos Tsourkas, BEng MSc

Wireless Technology Strategist

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Mathieu Boué-Lahorgue, MSc

Wireless Technology Expert

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Michalis Matthaiou, PhD Docent SMIEEE

Multiple-Antenna Systems Expert

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Mike Smith, PhD

Wireless Networks and Technologies Advisor

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Mike Walsh, BSc CEng MIET

Satellite Expert

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Naveendra Thiyagarajah, BSc MEng PhD

Wireless Technology and Standards Expert

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Phil Sheppard, MSc

Technology Expert

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Sameer Lalwani, MSEE MBA

Wireless Telecoms Expert

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Simon Jones,

RF Systems Expert

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Prof. Simon Saunders, PhD CEng FREng FIET FITP

Wireless Systems Expert, Co-Founder and Shareholder

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Simon Wilson, BSc

Radio Spectrum Expert

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Dr. Tim Brown, CEng PhD MIET

Intelligent Antennas for Wireless Communications Expert

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