Awnit Kumar

BEng Managing Consultant

Awnit has over 21 years of experience in design and development of telecom products for worldwide deployment.

He is a passionate technology strategist, delivering business vision and capability. He has expertise in identifying industry needs and developing strategic solutions to propel organisational success and elevate performance.

Over the past 5 years Awnit has worked alongside government organisations and regulatory bodies on roll out strategy for smart meters and also involved in advising senior executives on technology options and deployment strategy for a £multi-million technology transformation programme.

Awnit specialises in the development of modelling, simulation and behavioural analysis of wireless system. He is also a co-inventor in several wireless technology patents filed world-wide.

Awnit chaired a technical committee comprising of UK government bodies and technical experts from the smart metering industry to resolve roll out challenges.

Awnit has held leadership positions in many organisations, such as Smart DCC, Qualcomm and Nokia where he delivered successful product programmes.