Dr. Alejandro Aragón-Zavala profile image

Dr. Alejandro Aragón-Zavala

MSc PhD SMIEEE MIET Wireless Technology Expert

Since becoming an Associate Consultant for Real Wireless, Alejandro has been involved in projects related to indoor radio propagation, such as: development, analysis and optimisation of propagation models; wireless network design; in-building radio measurement campaigns; and the development of unique certification programs for the in-building wireless industry. He has actively participated in various projects for companies and organisations such as: Ofcom, iBwave, Cisco, and 5G NORMA. He has been involved in Witness Expert litigations since 2016.

Alejandro has a strong background in the design and implementation of in-building cellular systems and project management, being responsible of managing multi-disciplinary teams in process automation, control engineering and wireless communications projects.

In addition to his role at Real Wireless, Alejandro is a Senior Lecturer and Researcher at Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Querétaro, Mexico. He is the author of more than fifty international research papers and four books and e-books related to wireless communications.