Dr. Anastasios Karousos

MSc PhD MIET Head of Network Modelling and Simulation

Anastasios brings more than 10 years of experience in the wireless industry. He is involved in project delivery around wireless connectivity, its challenges and its impact, and he specialises in creating complex models for understanding wireless systems, from the technology/network perspective and the techno-economic view.

Anastasios has been involved in assisting RTR (the Austrian regulator for broadcasting and telecommunications) in understanding the cost of spectrum and assessing the coverage obligations, as well as participating in Autoair, a DCMS-funded project, for creating one of the first 5G testbeds for the transport industry, and quantifying the socio-economic impact of 5G connectivity in the transport corridors. He has also contributed to projects for the European Commission, DfT and NRT.

Prior to joining Real Wireless, Anastasios was managing the Backhaul and Transmission planning product tool in TEOCO (ex. AIRCOM International).