Small cells and DAS – the answers to the growth of mobile data traffic and demand for in-building wireless?

Conventional macro cells are not able to handle the challenge of increasing demand for both mobile data and in-building wireless. The combination of small cells and DAS could be the answer.

The International Finance Corporation (IFC), the investment arm of the World Bank Group, has launched a new investment platform that aims to support wireless investments (specifically in small cells and DAS) to enable private sector opportunities and boost growth.

IFC called on Real Wireless, partnered with Axon Partners Group, to analyse market opportunities and wireless technology-driven development needs. We looked at how and where IFC should invest within this platform to assist the deployment of small cells and DAS. In addition, we identify the locations where IFC technology investments would have the greatest impact in developing markets.

The study will help the IFC to steer the deployment of essential technology to support developing countries. Improving the lives of people by unlocking private investment; creating a strong, engaged private sector and opportunities where they’re needed most.

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In this comprehensive summary of our report for IFC, Real Wireless experts can be found here:

Julius Robson Small cell use cases 06:25
Caroline Gabriel Market analysis 11:40
Oliver Bosshard Drivers and challenges 30:07