Looking to the future at Real Wireless

Organization blog

To start 2023 Real Wireless has made a few changes to reflect evolving market demands and give structure to our growing consultancy. Senior members of the consulting team will lead key capability areas; to deliver better value for our clients who have, and will continue to, benefit from these areas of expertise over the coming years.

We will continue to invest in these core capabilities that have supported the competitive advantage and growth of our consultancy. Below, we have set out the new areas and the Managing Consultants who will be heading up the capabilities.  

 Dr Abhaya Sumansena – Head of Policy and Regulation  

Telecommunications policy and regulation related to wireless continues to shape all aspects of current and future wireless technologies and services. From ensuring long-term investment, providing access to R&D and innovation for future wireless technologies and supporting and incentivising the deployment of new wireless systems to benefit citizens, businesses and governments alike – policy and regulation are critical enablers. Advising Telecoms Ministries and Regulators across the globe on all aspects of policy and regulation is a core capability of Real Wireless. Our experience covers all aspects from spectrum, economics and assessing the cost of coverage through to market structures, assessing deployment barriers with solutions and horizon scanning from a regulatory perspective. Recent public sector advisory projects for us in topics such as Open RAN and Diversification strategy, Shared Rural Network oversight, competition policy, and security implications of new network deployments demonstrate a broad capability area. 

Abhaya has many years of experience in this area having worked for both a regulator and a mobile network operator. The UK Spectrum Policy Forum recently appointed Abhaya as its Chair, a vote of confidence from the Forum on his depth of knowledge and his UK and international connections in the domain.  

 Scott Kelton – Head of Wireless Built Environments  

Ever since the formation of Real Wireless, advising venues on how to provide the best visitor connected experience has been a core strength. Over the years places such as airports, retail parks, new developments, museums, and others have been added to our client base. This diversity of experience and venues, the ecosystem of partners, and the methods we employ in the deployment of wireless have shaped our experience and expertise today. Scott has over 20 years’ experience in the industry and worked on the new Tottenham Hotspur stadium, where he provided the oversight of the development of the wireless strategy from design through to implementation – ensuring that the chairman’s goal of having ‘the best-connected stadium in Europe’ was achieved.  

 Julie Bradford – Head of Techno-Economic Analysis 

We have long brought together technical and economic perspectives in our investment strategy project offerings. Julie has been at the forefront of those developing capabilities; encoding our approach in analytic methods and frameworks. The ability to articulate potential socio-economic benefits and to quantify the value of a project is at the heart of the Real Wireless techno-economic method. We also have the ability to assess options in the increasingly complex wireless ecosystems of the future, where sharing of infrastructure, hardware and software assets and the use of open non-proprietary networks will become more and more commonplace, and as networks evolve such capabilities are highly valued by our clients. Julie brings a deep technical understanding of wireless networks and the ability to articulate the ‘big picture’ for clients looking to determine the payback for investment in wireless systems – be that in the enterprise or the Smart City environments. Translating insights into private and public sectors; in compliance with standard approaches like Green Book. 

 Dr Anastasios Karousos (Tasos) – Head of Network Modelling and Simulation  

A deep understanding of the nature of wireless networks, wireless technologies, spectrum and the topology mix has been crucial to the delivery of projects for clients over the last 15 years. Tools and quantitative analysis methods encapsulated in our COvET and CAPisce platforms exemplify the long-term commitment by Real Wireless to develop and maintain our modelling and simulation tools. As new technologies, topologies and spectrum options emerge, we continue to refine existing tools and develop new capabilities. Tasos works with Real Wireless experts across all client projects matching their needs to existing capabilities or creating new capabilities when required. His ability to rapidly understand customer-provided and other datasets and use them to provide deep insight and answer ‘what if’ questions regarding network costs, coverage and the user experience have provided many of our clients with clarity and guidance over both current and future plans.  

Management changes

Simon Fletcher, formally Chief Technology Officer at Real Wireless, has now taken over from Mark Keenan as Chief Executive Officer, with Mark still actively involved as a Director. Real Wireless has also transitioned to an Employee Ownership Trust structure, which will give employees more say in how Real Wireless is run and will create a sustainable platform on which to grow the business.