Press release: New approach to spectrum licensing in the 26 GHz band

Real Wireless report for the UK Spectrum Policy Forum on a new approach to spectrum licensing in the 26 GHz band

A new licensing model for the 26 GHz band to drive innovation and support digital transformation of industry.

The UK’s Spectrum Policy Forum (SPF) today published a report from Real Wireless that illustrates the feasibility of a new approach to the licensing of the 26 GHz band in the UK.

The 26 GHz spectrum band inherently has a short range and offers access to bandwidths of 1 GHz or more.

The Real Wireless report proposes a new licensing model that ‘democratises’ spectrum access in the 26 GHz band, optimising the use of limited resources while enabling innovation, and supporting private investment in the provision of local broadband in “non dense urban” areas. At the same time, the new licensing model supports investment by mobile operators to remain ahead of mobile broadband congestion in the areas where it is most likely to arise.

Building on the framework initially proposed by the UK SPF, the Real Wireless report draws conclusions in four key areas:

  • The 26 GHz band should be available for the exclusive use of national mobile network operators only where data traffic congestion is most likely to occur. Our independent assessment based on coverage data of 2 million UK smartphone users from Tutela Technologies, indicates this would be in approximately 1% of the UK’s land area.
  • The award mechanism for the exclusive licences in the high-demand zone needs to be proportionate considering its complexity, time, effort, and effectiveness.
  • Over the rest of the country, this spectrum should be available to all potential users on a first come, first served basis.
  • Any unused spectrum could be pooled (termed “club spectrum”) and the first user to arrive can use all of it to boost quality of service until another user wishes to deploy at that location.

The combination of non-exclusive use over most of the country and the “club spectrum” feature delivers a substantial improvement in spectrum efficiency for the 26 GHz band, given that such frequencies have inherently short range.

Real Wireless believes all these options should be considered in the future management of the 5G pioneer band at 26 GHz.

The insights from the study have facilitated the UK SPF in arriving at several recommendations that you can find here. The recommendations in this document culminate in a hybrid licensing model which the UK SPF believes provides the best mix of certainty of access and flexibility.

David Meyer, Chair of UK SPF commented ‘This study exceeded our expectations. The insights from the Real Wireless study have enabled the existing UK SPF model to be validated and fine-tuned. We are delighted to welcome the report and look forward to discussing our recommendations with DCMS and Ofcom in due course.

The project lead Dr. Abhaya Sumanasena notes ‘Real Wireless is pleased to complete this study that has provided insights into the opportunity for a fresh approach to licensing in the 26 GHz band. This is one of the 5G pioneer bands across Europe and is harmonised globally. We believe the insights and findings of this innovative approach to licensing could accelerate the spectrum award process and result in a more efficient use of spectrum.’  

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