Real Wireless upgrades its COvET coverage platform to support mobile network deployment strategies


London, 26 May 2021 – Real Wireless, the world’s leading independent wireless experts, today announced significant enhancements to its COvET analysis tool, keeping Real Wireless at the cutting edge of analysis capabilities for mobile network operators, regulators, towercos and neutral hosts in the development of cost-effective network deployment strategies.

COvET provides Real Wireless experts with powerful simulation capabilities to enhance their analysis of mobile coverage in urban, suburban and rural areas. COvET simulations are used to assess and inform numerous aspects of network coverage performance. Aspects that can be assessed include, but are not limited to, radar and cellular interference, antenna location, interference between indoor and outdoor systems, localised demand, and network dimensioning costs.

Real Wireless’s proprietary tools are based on many years’ experience performing detailed quantitative analysis of some of the most challenging connectivity scenarios confronting governments, regulators, businesses and the communications industry. The latest release of COvET:

  • Provides detailed analysis of critical network coverage KPIs for existing deployments and simulates infrastructure build strategies for the optimal deployment of future sites.
  • Supports 4G/5G/IoT, macrocell/small cells, subGHz and mmWave bands.
  • Significantly enhances the transport corridor (road and rail) capability, complementing the urban, suburban, rural and remote environments, with different population and geo coverage objectives.
  • Now fully cloud based and scalable for the analyse of large data sets. Inputs that encompass (~1 billion data points) and include site location and configurations, topologies (DTM/DSM), clutter and other GIS DBs alongside system and equipment cost catalogues.
  • Provides large data outputs and maps, supporting comprehensive KPI analysis of the simulated network in tools that include QGIS, ArcGIS and Google Earth.

COvET is part of a suite of specialist tools that support Real Wireless experts in the investigation of radio network performance, and the techno-economic and business model analysis of wireless systems.

Real Wireless CTO Simon Fletcher said: ‘One of our unique strengths is our ability not just to analyse and advise but also to build tools that test scenarios and deliver real-world answers for clients. COvET is built upon a market leading platform of proprietary algorithms, models and databases, an embodiment of our knowledge gained over many years of projects. Our experts gain deep and repeatable insights into the predicted performance of a wide range of wireless technologies in diverse deployment and operating scenarios.

‘When helping clients develop deployment strategies, it’s always more efficient and cost-effective to leverage the experience embedded in our tools to run simulations rather than actually deploying various types of equipment in the field. This latest iteration of COvET significantly enhances our capabilities to support any clients that need to make commercial decisions about the improvement in coverage of existing or potential new wireless networks.’