Private networks

  • New licensing models and new communications players are helping to enable private LTE and 5G networks for industrial applications
  • Private networks give you uninterrupted control of your own dedicated 5G or LTE communications system
  • Private networks also promise data usage savings, enhanced traffic flow, better control and greater information security

What we do

  • Advise on whether a private network could benefit your business – and, if it could, how to develop a private network strategy that suits your needs
  • We understand your requirements and create a solution that works now and for the future
  • Select the best vendor and pick an appropriate procurement or delivery model

Why we are different

  • Our experts have worked in all areas of the wireless industry: business, technology, regulation and policy
  • Our knowledge spans many decades, regions and technologies, this means we can make sure you get the infrastructure you need at a fair price
  • We offer independent advice with no bias towards any technology, solution or provider

Private networks are the future for many businesses. Are you ready?

Private networks have the potential to be both disruptive in the context of the wireless industry and hugely valuable to key vertical sectors. Potential users of private networks include many different businesses, ranging from ports and factories to office blocks and government departments.

In our recent webinar, Private Cellular Networks – Opportunities, challenges and future, our experts shared insights and field experience that help you assess the value and potential of a broad range of private network use cases.

What we offer

  • Advice on all aspects of connectivity: Understanding the client’s needs, dimensioning a network that supports the required applications now and in the future, selecting the best vendor and helping you to pick an appropriate procurement or delivery model.
  • Wireless strategy development: We will work directly with you to develop a private network strategy that works for you and your business. We will also produce the designs and specifications you need. The advice we provide is independent – free from bias towards any technology or vendor.
  • Help to future-proof your investment: Private networks give you the ability to customise your network to meet existing demand while future-proofing to make the most of longer-term opportunities. We’ll show you how.


Private cellular networks: opportunities, challenges and the future

Private cellular networks hold opportunities as well as challenges. Real Wireless prepared this white paper to support a recent free webinar to discuss the opportunities, challenges and future of private cellular networks for enterprise.

Wireless Developments in 2020: Our Predictions

Every year the wireless industry sees new achievements and faces new challenges. Looking ahead at the new year – and in fact the new decade – our experts have compiled a summary of the new developments we expect to see and what the industry needs to do to meet the challenges of the coming years. Topics include transportation, rural reach and private networks.


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