Shopping malls

  • Wireless connectivity can enhance the shopping experience, improving everything from parking to product information, stocktaking to supply
  • Addressing consumers' connectivity needs enhances the customer experience, driving brand loyalty and, ultimately, improving sales
  • An effective wireless strategy also benefits staff, making their jobs easier and more efficient

What we do

  • Advise on wireless for retail, defining business cases that generate a return on technology investment, and a technology plan to minimise rollout challenges
  • Help you find a dedicated in-building wireless system that provides clear benefits to the business, staff and customers
  • We help shopping malls to deploy technology that allows retailers to meet the changing expectations of customers

Why we are different

  • We have experience advising retail industry on maximising the opportunities of wireless technology for their business
  • We know and understand the multiple wireless technologies that can deliver for shopping malls, and how best to apply them within challenging indoor environments
  • We have worked for many years with retail, offices, stadiums and malls on bringing connectivity to their customers and making it relevant to their needs

Connectivity for customers, staff, and a better, all-round retail experience

Wireless is not just an alternative to bricks and mortar shopping, but can enhance it too, making the experience better for customers, and more efficient for staff. Whether it’s a secure and robust Wi-Fi network for staff tablets, interactivity for customers, ease of navigation, dedicated apps, Bluetooth beacons that respond to the needs of shoppers, or a fast and seamless payment process, wireless is an essential component in the future of retail.

We can provide advice on all aspects of wireless technology for shopping malls, helping you choose a solution that works for you, delivering a return on your investment and meeting the ever-changing expectations of customers.

What we offer

  • Understanding and insight: The use of innovative technology is helping to encourage people back onto the high street and into stores, as well as opening up new revenue streams and services for the stores. But can it work for you? Our experts have a wealth of knowledge and experience in wireless technologies, and so can provide insights into what will work for you – and why.
  • Analysis of spectrum requirements and technology mapping: From repurposing spectrum for spectrally efficient technologies, to spectrum sharing, knowing how best to deal with increasing demand from spectrum users is never straightforward. Our team have extensive experience in working with policymakers to develop evidence-based and justifiable solutions for these challenges.
  • Advice on all aspects of connectivity: We understand all aspects of connectivity and how they can work together to deliver the best results for your shopping mall. Our team know how to best incorporate technologies such as LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, DAS, PMR and 5G, to improve logistics, customer service and security and underpin just-in-time operations for malls and retailers. We are technology agnostic with no affiliation to any vendor, so you can be confident that we will match the best solution with your individual needs.
  • Guidance on what to buy and how to use it: We have extensive experience and knowledge of the wireless landscape, so you know that our advice is not just based on the services and applications that are grabbing the headlines. Our team know how to choose, source and install the communications infrastructure that will work for you, supporting a better retail experience.

Mark Keenan, CEng MIStructE MIET

Chief Executive Officer

Simon Fletcher, MEng MBA MIoD MIET

Chief Technology Officer

Oliver Bosshard, MSc MBA MIET

Chief Operating Officer

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