• Transport presents unique challenges for wireless connectivity, especially rail and road, but it is also a key enabler for the future of smart, efficient and sustainable transport systems
  • Improved connectivity can mean better travel, from improved operational communications to better traffic management, smart parking to improved commuter flow
  • Wireless can improve safety and increase efficiency, making travel safer, reducing maintenance requirements and reducing the environmental damage

What we do

  • Advise on all aspects of connectivity for transport, from wireless for trains to connected cars to connecting planes
  • We use our technical and operational expertise to demonstrate the potential of wireless in transport and how it can be realised – demonstrating how wireless delivers a clear return on investment for any transport operation
  • We work with you to help you through the tender process and beyond, assessing requirements and setting realistic targets for performance and coverage

Why we are different

  • We have decades of experience in the transport sector, ranging from reports and case studies to testbeds and real-world road and rail applications across Europe
  • We were part of AutoAir, a groundbreaking project that used varied and multi-disciplinary approaches to accelerate the adoption of connected and self-driving technology in the UK
  • We understand not just the technologies but the regulatory and legal situations that affect wireless in transport networks

Enormous challenges, but also enormous potential

No-one doubts the phenomenal potential of autonomous cars or connected trains, ships and planes. But equally no-one understates the challenge – most obviously for road and rail transport. Our experts know and understand the history of wireless in transport and have been at the forefront of making it happen from the very start.

We can provide advice on all aspects of wireless connectivity for transport, from showing the potential of wireless and demonstrating how it can deliver a return on investment, to helping you through the tender process and beyond.

What we offer

  • Advice on all aspects of transport connectivity: Our experts have worked with some of the biggest names in the transportation sectors. We know the immense potential of wireless in this sector – and we also know the technical, regulatory and economic challenges it presents.
  • In-depth knowledge: 5G, Satellite Wi-Fi, GSM-R and FRMCS will all be a part of the connected transport future. We know and understand them all. Some of our experts even helped to develop them.
  • Support through the tender process and beyond: Real Wireless boasts a vast amount of experience in the connected transport sector over the years. We can work with our customers to help them reach strategic decisions that can be used as solid foundations to deliver what they need both in terms of service and budget.

Mark Keenan, CEng MIStructE MIET


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Simon Fletcher, MEng MBA MIoD MIET

Chief Executive Officer

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Oliver Bosshard, MSc MBA MIET

Wireless Networks Expert

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