UKTIN Launches New Standards Expert Working Group

Last week UKTIN launched the UK Telecoms Innovation Network (UKTIN) Standards Working Group which will support SMEs looking to innovate within the telecoms supply chain and navigate the standards ecosystem. 

Standards are an essential part of the telecoms sector, but it can be difficult for SMEs to understand and engage the myriad standards bodies and their processes. The UKTIN Standards Working Group has been established to help early-stage companies understand the standards eco system, the implications of standards for their business and make related decisions on the options for monetising their intellectual property via the standards route.  

Real Wireless’s CEO, Simon Fletcher, will be joining the working group and using his understanding from SCF and REASON activities to help with UKTIN’s mission.

The REASON project which seeks to influence the emerging 6G standards. Real Wireless has extensive experience and knowledge in the area of standards, either in applying them or defining them. Many of our Expert Witness services are tightly coupled to standards and regulations where clients are advised on standards essentiality of patents, intellectual property strategy and regulations for wireless deployments. We have supported clients that are seeking to standardise a technology, -such as client working to improve 3GPP specifications for unlicensed band operation, and clients bridging regulations with standards, such as the Radio Equipment Directive (RED) strategy and implementation. 

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