Our experience and ability enables us to work directly with an investor, or within a team including legal and business due diligence service providers.

We have an understanding not just of market trends and the direction of the telecoms industry, but also of technical issues that may differentiate any two technologies and their value in a practical implementation.


We have worked on patent cases specifically in areas like novelty and credibility. That is, where a patent may have been infringed or challenged. We are able to look at a patented technology, the prior art (any evidence that an invention is already known) and assess factors that support or go against the case for the patent.


Disputes can emerge relating to the regulations around ‘code powers’: rights to install and maintain apparatus on, under and over land. If those rights are disputed, we can offer our opinion andsupport this with rationale. We also advise when disputes arise around the costs for using a site or the liability when the performance of a wireless system declines unexpectedly – possibly due to new building construction.

Reliable expert witnesses

We are not career expert witnesses, we are practising consultants – and that is useful in court. We have a deep understanding of the technology ecosystem, how patents work and how standards work, but our experts have also worked in industry or academia – and still do hands-on work supporting and testing implementations as part of Real Wireless services.

Avoiding court

The first aim of a good legal team is to avoid going to court. If our advice prevents a dispute escalating then that’s good for all parties. If not, we are equally comfortable offering our independent, informed opinion in court.

Benefits of working with Real Wireless

  • Access to impartial, clear and unambiguous assessment and reporting from trusted wireless experts
  • Written and in-person statements suitable for courts of law
  • We are experts in 5G, vRAN, ORAN we can support i disputes over patents, standards and licences
  • We understand deployment regulations for wireless systems and can advise in disputes on costs for using sites or liability on performance.
  • We have an in-depth understanding of technology and the trade-offs it can involve

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