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Mathieu Boué-Lahorgue

MSc Wireless Technology Expert

Mathieu has more than 15 years of experience in the wireless industry, working for a leading manufacturer, Nortel and a major fixed and mobile operator in France, SFR. Mathieu has strong technical skills. He contributed to the standardization of LTE, representing Nortel at 3GPP meeting for layer 2 protocols. Later, he was a technical lead at SFR , in charge of small cells and mobile terminals engineering.

Mathieu has also successfully managed multi million euro projects (introduction and deployment of a new Femtocell network, replacement of the FemtoGW vendor by another one, introduction of a new femtocell device vendor). Mathieu has prepared and executed 3 RFQs, managed multiple vendors (RFQ, contract and financial negotiations, and day to day management). Mathieu has experience in managing teams with up to 9 direct reports.