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Peter Whale

BSc FIET MBCS CEng CITP Wireless Technology Expert

Peter provides strategic consultancy in areas such as market analysis, innovation and IP capture, data security/privacy, product-market fit, go-to-market strategy and business scaling. Solution areas consulted on have included: sensor-based pollution monitoring, healthtech, infrastructure-free indoor navigation services, digital twins and smart cities.

Peter is a respected technologist and business leader, with an extensive track record of innovation, development and go-to-market of mobile telecoms and software-based products at scale globally.

Peter brings extensive experience in innovation and product development within the mobile telecoms sector, having worked with all of the “Gs” from analog 1G, GSM 2G, mobile broadband 3G/4G through to emergent 5G enterprise use cases, along with development and deployment of IoT and SaaS cloud-based products and services, including the application of AI.

Peter is a long-standing Board member of CW (Cambridge Wireless), and has been involved in leading and delivering industry thought-leadership events for over 20 years.