IEEE ICC: Workshop on green and sustainable networking


When: 28 May – 01 June 2023

Where: Rome, Italy

Real Wireless CEO, Simon Fletcher, will be attending the IEEE International Conference on Communications in Rome for the 2nd International Workshop on Green and Sustainable Networking. Simon will be speaking on the 28 May at 9am in the first session of the day that focuses on ‘Edge and Cloud’.

The 2nd International Workshop on Green and Sustainable Networking is the second version of the 1st International Workshop on Network Energy Efficiency in the Softwarization Era (GreenNet 2022).

The aim of the GreenNet 2023 Workshop is to explore some of the issues of finding suitable traffic and power models, as well as management and control strategies, along with Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to be used for the lifecycle management and optimisation of VNFs and the creation and dynamic reconfiguration of network slices, to match as closely as possible the desired balance between sustainability in terms of energy consumption and capacity performance.

This workshop encourages ideas between academia and industry.

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