Real Wireless to investigate 2G switch off

Real Wireless has been commissioned by the UK Spectrum Policy Forum to conduct an independent study to identify the vulnerabilities of switching off 2G.

The study is being funded by the UK SPF Steering Board membership.

John Okas, Managing Consultant at Real Wireless, said: ‘’Re-farming spectrum is one way for regulators and MNOs to ensure that citizens and businesses gain the benefits of newer mobile technologies. However, switching off, in this case 2G systems, needs to be done with an understanding of the scale of users that could be impacted and what alternatives are available. Given the wide use of 2G for IoT, rural subscribers and voice and text roaming potentially from tourists coming to the UK, a clear understanding of scale and alternatives will be vital for the development of so called ‘2G sunset’ plans in the UK. We look forward to working with the UK Spectrum Policy Forum on this interesting project.”

The 2G study is one of two studies commissioned by the Steering Board, who agreed the topics before issuing Invitation to Tender documents. The selection process was overseen by Steering Board volunteers, unconnected with bidding candidates.

The Forum is holding a plenary session on 18th July 2019, you can register here.

Reports are due to be published by the end of year and are currently scheduled to be presented to the wider UK SPF at the Plenary meeting on 18 October 2019.