UKTIN Launch recognises Real Wireless for its work in the telecoms ecosystem

Last month, UK Telecoms Innovation Network (UKTIN) launched its plan to transform the UK telecoms innovation ecosystem.

The event included panel sessions, networking, and a first look at the range of services UKTIN will be providing to help the UK capitalise on innovation and growth.  

During his introductory presentation, the head of UKTIN – Nick Johnson, credited Real Wireless for our industry sector research report, commissioned by DCMS, which served as a refinement and validation of front door service requirements. The front door being a proposition identified by the Telecoms Diversification Taskforce and is now an important component of UKTIN. As with UKTIN’s predecessor (UK5G), Real Wireless has assisted DCMS (now DSIT) with evaluating options for approaches and policies for shaping the competitiveness of the UK ecosystem in both the supply of telecoms technologies and the demand for solutions. The emphasis today in UKTIN on telecoms technologies supply is important; however, there remains a need for pace in deployment securing good coverage and service availability, and stimulation of demand for adoption. 

The Department for Science, Innovation, and Technology has invested £10 million into the UKTIN to help accelerate the development of future telecoms tech, which will be important in growing the UK economy. UKTIN plans to do this by expanding on the UK’s strengths and overcoming the fragmentation within the ecosystem. 

As well as this, the UKTIN has launched a programme to help find academic and technical capabilities throughout the UK. This will be a great aid to organisations in finding the right support for their technological developments.  
Real Wireless wishes the UKTIN delivery partners – University of Bristol, Cambridge Wireless, Digital Catapult and WM5G – well in the mission. And we look forward to working with UKTIN and seeing the impact of their innovation and growth programmes. 

If you’d like to find out more, there are recordings of various sessions on the UKTIN website: 

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