Real Wireless and Skarpe sign strategic collaboration agreement

Skarpe AS  and Real Wireless Ltd have signed a strategic collaboration agreement with the aim of complementing each other’s services and expertise.

Skarpe AS was founded in 2011 with origins in Telenor and has led some of the largest and most complex ICT projects in Norway. It offers advice and project assignments in telecom, transport, health, construction and real estate, and in addition to expertise in mobile and wireless networks, it also has cutting-edge expertise in smart construction, risk and information security.

Real Wireless, established in 2006, is the world’s leading independent consulting company in wireless technology. Its network of experts includes engineers, physicists, economists, security consultants, business strategists and deployment specialists. In addition to a comprehensive portfolio of specialists, Real Wireless uses proprietary tools to analyse performance, dimension and price networks, as well as make techno-economic assessments and look at the implications of wireless systems on customers’ business models.

With such resources available, Real Wireless can advise both industry and various user groups, from enterprise and industry to governments, mobile operators, regulatory authorities and technology companies, in all aspects of wireless technology.

Real Wireless has provided solutions for some of the UK’s largest wireless infrastructure projects, from concert venues and football stadiums such as Tottenham Hotspur Stadium and Wembley Stadium, to shopping malls and transport systems. It has worked with all forms of wireless connectivity for operators, vendors and regulators. It has also advised both governments and the EU on the technical, social and economic implications of communications policy, including 5G.